Write a reflection on Thinking critically about ethical issues

 Write a reflection on Thinking critically about ethical issues

Part 1

P132, C 19: A social caseworker learns that one of her clients is secretly playing in a band two nights a week and earning $20 a night. Because the client is physically disabled and receiving full welfare benefits for himself and his family, he is required by law to surrender any other income to the welfare department. He is breaking the law by keeping the money. The caseworker, knowing that the welfare benefits are based on an unrealistically low cost-of-living index, does not report the man.

First, support these questions with the quotes from the module and/or either of your two textbooks Ethical Choices or Thinking Critically About Ethical Choices. After you use quotes from the courseware you may bring in outside reference.

Part 2

you are required to complete a Written Case Analysis (200 words). Please read Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues, Case 11, pp. 119- 120. Identify the moral issue(s) and the parties involved; identify what virtues are at stake or which relationships of care are at stake.

Hello yes.Part 1 and Part 2 needs to be on separate documents. I’ve posted the book as well as page numbers for both parts. Lastly there needs to be quotes from the book for each part


1) You must state which case you are expanding on as a header.

2) Include at least one quote from any of the required readings for this module that is relevant to your initial response. 200-250 word count.

3) Include at least one quote per each peer response (Minimum two peer responses total) 100-150 word count. ***You must cite your resources when using a quote. “Example Quote” (Author’s last name page number).

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Part one

word limit:329

Part two

word limit:292