Thesis Proposal-TED talk on cultural borders.

Thesis Proposal-TED talk on cultural borders.


Your TED talk will be on the subject we have been discussing for the last few weeks, cultural borders (or boundaries) and the way they influence who we are/how our identities are formed. For example, if I was giving this TED talk, I would make an argument that crossing cultural borders makes people duel citizens. I would give examples from my own life or the lives of my friends about this. Then, I would give some other examples from the sources we have been reading and the research I did.


To get us started with your own TED talk, let’s first talk about what a TED talk is.

Step 3:

Which sources are you planning to use for this project? (Remember, you need to include at least three.)

When you submit your thesis proposal to receive credit, make sure each of the three steps is clear in your submission.

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Culture influence who we are or how our identities are shaped.
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