The Materiality of Technology

The Materiality of Technology

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Type of assignment:Report
Academic level:University Level, Bachelor’s
Referencing style:Harvard
Number of sources:10
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Research Report Qtn: How does the materiality of a technology affect the materiality of experience?

“Your report should be structured around a case study and your argument must be supported by evidence. Your research should be presented as a formal report, comprising a summary of the major issues; a table of contents; an introduction; the main body of the report with discussion of the key issues broken into sections; a conclusion; and a bibliography.”

interpret: How does {the way in which the technology functions, the way in which it is made, the context with which it is situated} affect
{the kinds of experiences people have in relation to that

This report seeks to analyse the features of Spotify as a streaming music service and examine the direct impact that streaming technology has had on contemporary social life and practices of music consumption.
Written as a formal report with table of contents, subheadings etc. Language that is understandable by a “lay person”.
Rough Structure of report provided, along with prewritten ideas for the direction of the paper.

Some prior thoughts on Spotify have already been written and just need to be edited in order to merge into the report. The structure is open to change – the rough layout is what I had done. Please edit it to make the body/analysis coherent.

Need approx 7-9 sources, as per those provided in attached docs and any that you think will supplement. Please do not use large paraphrased slabs of info.


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