The Great Depression Assignment.

The Great Depression Assignment.

For this assignment, your task is to write an essay that characterizes the Great Depression. Use the

textbook, the video lectures, and other sources for information. (Make sure that you cite your sources;

use MLA or APA.) Your essay should be between 1000 and 2000 words. In particular, make sure to

address the following:

1. When did the Great Depression occur? How severe were the economic consequences and what was

life was like for Americans during this era.

2. What were the causes of the Great Depression?

3. What did the government do to address the Great Depression and why did the Great Depression last

so long? Explain both the Keynesian and Monetarist views of the Great Depression.


This assignment is worth a maximum of 200 points. Four criteria will be considered when grading the


A. Is the information in the essay accurate?

B. Does the essay answer the questions above? Does the essay demonstrate an understanding of the

Great Depression?

C. Are the ideas in this essay communicated clearly? Is the essay free of grammatical and spelling

errors? Does the essay include properly cited sources and avoid copying/pasting?

D. Is the essay between 1000 and 2000 words?

Read chapter 23 titled, The Great Depression.

Textbook here

Use at least 5 source to reference include textbook

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word limit:1480