The case of Yinscape and Yanngsearch merger

The case of Yinscape and Yanngsearch merger

The case of Yinscape and Yanngsearch was designed to provide minimal information on this merger/acquisition. Re-read the case study and imagine the shape and spirit of a newly-merged, cross-national company. You are to assume the role of Yinscape’s CEO.
In this role, you must envision a new future for the combined companies. Your thread must describe how you will communicate your vision as though you are addressing a meeting of Yinscape and Yangsearch’s top managers shortly after the acquisition. Creating a compelling vision is a task that requires forethought and sensitivity. In addition, the challenge is increased when you must communicate that vision to a
potentially hostile audience. In preparing your thread, consider what questions and concerns you need to anticipate; think realistically about the possible results of the meeting, and decide on what steps to take immediately after the speech.
Prepare your thread in accordance with the Discussion Board Instructions, and review the Discussion Board Grading Rubric prior to posting your thread and replies.

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:
Identify the aspects of a compelling vision.
Demonstrate the differences between domestic and international organizations & preparedness for change.
Design a communication strategy that will support thenpotential acceptance of a vision for change in anchange-resistant organizational culture.
Select appropriate steps in the process for implementing change in an organization.


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Yinscape and Yannngsearch merger