Clinical Skills Reflection

Clinical Skills Reflection Project Details Paper Topic : Clinical Skills for Self-Assessment Clinical Skills for Self-Assessment (Linked to Assessment 1 – ‘Blog 1’ submitted to blog page and then Turnitin for Assessment) Before we begin the first Macro Module ‘Youth Mental Health’, please take some time now to undertake a reflective self-assessment of your clinical … Read more

Make a presentation Congestive Heart Failure.

Make a presentation Congestive Heart Failure. Advance Family Care of family ” ​​Clinical Standard of Practice Presentation” Students are expected to expand their use of resources for evidence-based practice beyond the required text and explore nursing and related literature to improve their understanding and application of advanced interventions. Each Student will be Uploading here the … Read more

Describe advanced pharmacology.

Describe advanced pharmacology. Polypharmacy is defined as being on 5 or more medicines, and is a major concern for providers as the use of multiple medicines is common in the older population with multimorbidity, and as one or more medicines may be used to treat each condition. Discuss two (2) common risk factors for polypharmacy. … Read more

Development and Marketing of Lanolol: Presentation

Development and Marketing of Lanolol: Presentation Order Summary Type of assignment:Essay Academic level:College Level Referencing style: APA Number of sources:1 Subject:Other / Non-applicable Client country:Australia (UK English) Assignment extract: A script for presentation .New drug portfolio I want a script of what I should say in the presentation. On the other hand, it is a … Read more