Customer Behavior

Fintech Startups: A Case of Neobanking

Fintech Startups: A Case of Neobanking It is a paper based on consumer behavior. Please do let me know if there are any questions. Requirements: 2000-2500 words Answer preview: word limit:2301    

Customer Behavior Process

Customer Behavior Process Begin the process of keeping a journal of your personal consumer behavior. This week, post a journal of your purchases and reflect on the following questions: Which purchases do you consider to be low-risk, low-involvement purchases? Which purchases represent higher-risk, high-involvement purchases? How does your purchase decision-making style differ from one type … Read more

Netflix’s strategy case study

Netflix’s strategy case study Instructions Read “Exemplary Company Showcased: Netflix, Inc. (NFLX)” on page 90 of your course textbook. As you read, pay close attention to Netflix’s strategy, and write a case study describing the points listed below. What are Netflix’s internal strengths and weaknesses? Who are Netflix’s competitors? Do you see Netflix’s strategy as … Read more