Whole Class Discussion on TED talk.

Whole Class Discussion on TED talk. As a reminder here is the list of materials First Generation (2015, YouTube) Carol S. Dweck | “Brainology” (NAIS) Angela Lee Duckworth | “Grit” (TED) Paulo Freire | Chapter 2 of Pedagogy of the Oppressed Bettina Love | “Hip Hop, Grit, and Academic Success” Teach Us All (2017, Netflix) STEP 1: After you have reviewed your … Read more

Brainology Annotation Worksheet.

Brainology Annotation Worksheet. DIRECTIONS: Since our first unit is focused on barriers in education, in this assignment we are going to be looking at the concepts of growth and fixed mindset when it comes to education in preparation to discuss how having a growth and fixed mindset impacts education, and affect how one might overcome … Read more