Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment: Distinguish between independent and dependent samples. Identify the criteria for constructing a t test. Explain the purpose of a one-way analysis of variance. Distinguish ANOVA from t test. Compare and contrast correlation and regression. Explain the purpose of regression analysis. Course outcome: HS312-2: Selects the appropriate statistical test for a given scenario. … Read more

Discuss various Research Techniques

Discuss various Research Techniques Q1.Differentiate between Quantitative vs. Qualitative research. Give examples from the articles you have referred in assignment 1 (150 words minimum ) Q2.a. From the the articles you referred in assignment 1 explain one of the quantitative analysis used by the any author. b. Explain, what is ANOVA and Regression Analysis and its … Read more

Annotated Bibliography-big data

Annotated Bibliography-big data You are required to read two articles and complete an annotated bibliography for each article (scholarly/peer-reviewed journal articles). Your AB’s should be 1.5 to 2 pages long. It should be double-spaced, and you are to use Times new Roman 12 font. Annotated bibliographies must be written in manner, in which, they are … Read more