Synthesis and Characterizations of Platinum (II) complex drug, PhenSS

Synthesis and Characterizations of Platinum (II) complex drug, PhenSS

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the prac notes which i used to do the experiment but i used a drug called PhenSS not 56MESS. two examples, one example is same as my topic and the other one is different from my topic.

the excel results that you are going to use it for the discussion and the results part.
nmr results. I did carbon nmr, 1H nmr and pt nmr. please write a discussion about the nmr results.       Filename 1 : PhenSS_ nmrC_3_.pdf Filename 2 : PhenSS_ nmrH_3_.pdf Filename 3 : PhenSS_ nmrPt_3_.pdf

you can use this risk assessment to know the chemicals that we used for the experiment.       Filename 1 : Risk assessmant.docx

the literature review that you did before with the teacher comment. please read the comments and see the mistake that you did in the review.
two examples, one example is same as my topic and the other one is different from my topic.


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A chemotherapeutic platinum-based drug with anticancer potency has been designed and synthesized at the University of Western Sydney. The platinum-based drug [(1,10-phenthanroline)(1S,2S-diaminocycohexane) platinum(II)] dichloride (PhenSS) was prepared by a reaction between K2PtCl4 and 1S,2S-diaminocyclohexane, and refrigerated for 7 days to produce [Pt(SS-dach)Cl2]. the resulting solid was refluxed with 1,10-phenthanroline for 2 days to produce [Pt(phen)(SS-dach)]Cl2. Successful synthesis was confirmed by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Ultraviolet radiation (UV). The complex was characterised using 1H, 13C and 195Pt NMR which were in close agreement to spectra reported in the literature.One of the greatest success stories in the medicinal inorganic chemistry field is represented in the platinum anticancer agents that exist today. The World Health Organization (WHO, 2013) lists some of the drugs produced using platinum and other metals in its list of essential drugs. Although the drugs were discovered close to half a century ago, they are as efficient as they were during the days of launching them. WHO (2013) list of essential medicines has listed carboplatin cisplatin and oxaliplatin as medicines efficient in treating cancers

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