What does synergistic integration mean?

What does synergistic integration mean?

In Stoddart, Pinal, Latzke, and Canaday (2002), the authors proposed the notion of synergistic integration as a conceptual framework for science-language integration. Please write a post with about 300-400 words to discuss the following questions.

  1. What does synergistic integration mean? Can you use a metaphor to represent this concept? Please explain in your own words what the authors mean by synergistic integration and why they put forward this notion? Can you connect this concept to the study that Dr. Llosa and I conducted?
  2. In what ways is this notion connected to the other ideas of language and content integrated instruction we have covered, such as disciplinary literacy, SFL, or the language of science classrooms?
  3. What are the implications of taking up a notion of synergistic integration in teaching content to English learners (multilingual learners)? In what ways do you think the synergistic integration would enhance both content instruction and language instruction?


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