The biotech company is a made-up company

The biotech company is a made-up company and the scenario

The biotech company is a made-up company and the scenario is the information that we are needing to go off of. Here is a copy of the scenario for the group “project”.
Read the following scenario:
Valerie Harper has often been responsible for the development of new products based on what marketing considers high target markets. Valerie has recently been handed the research results on Biotech’s customer demographics. Based on the research, the Marketing Department would like to see Biotech develop products geared toward the baby boomer market.
From reviewing the research, Valerie noted that Biotech has done little development of the over 50 customer demographics. The current Biotech line has a few joint supplement products and vitamins targeted toward this age group but nothing more. Valerie researched the trends and found high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s/dementia were a few of the major health concerns for the over 50 customers. Further research revealed clinically proven effects of hibiscus tea on reducing blood pressure. This finding led Valerie to consider developing a product that was all-natural, good tasting, and competitive with existing teas. The tea would be pre-made and packaged in paper cartons with coated sealant. The plan is to promote the tea as natural products for green accountability. The tea container would include a straw so potential tooth erosion from the acidic tea could be minimized.
Valerie also thought about other products that might be appealing to baby boomers. She came across several ideas. The first is a protein bar that was made with coconut, dark chocolate, almonds, and blueberries. The bar would contains all-natural products that would increase the protection of brain function through protective antioxidants, thus protecting against dementia and Alzheimer’s. A

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