Spirituality and Culture Assignment

Spirituality and Culture Assignment

15pts) Health / wellness perceptions and practices, including biological variations and
processes of grieving, aging, dying
(5pts) Communication patterns, verbal and non-verbal practices
(5pts) Perceptions of time and its influence on day to day living patterns

within the community

(10pts) Family and community as a pivotal influence in the life of the individual or family
(10pts) Social Determinants of Health impacting care (social, economic, psychological, etc.)
(10pts) Access to health care and possible barriers
(10pts) Religions of the culture and spiritual influences
(30pts) Care plan for the individual or family following the nursing process: Assessment,
diagnosis, plan, intervention, evaluation. Must have at least 2 items for the diagnosis,
plan, intervention, evaluation. Let Healthy People 2020/2030 guide you in selecting a
diagnosis and or intervention. Please include your rationale for your choice of
diagnoses, plan, interventions, and evaluation methods.

(5pts) Reference list in strict APA format, minimum of 1 peer-reviewed journal source and

other sources


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