Explain sociological approaches to social problems

Explain sociological approaches to social problems

Social issue or problem

Choose a social issue or problem and use the library databases in sociology pick two recent journal articles that address the issue. All of the articles should offer a theoretical analysis of the problem, and one article should come from the Journal of Sociological Theory. Use information provided in the articles to outline the nature and extent of the problem, theoretical explanations of the problem, and possible solutions being offered in these articles. How useful and helpful is each theoretical analysis for understanding the problem?

What (classical) theories/theorists do you think is most useful for explaining, analyzing and solving the social issue or problem you chose to write about. (If possible I like Emile Durkheim) Explain why you think this approach is the most useful: Outline parts of the theory that apply to your problem and explain how they relate. In other words, how does this theorist’s approach to understanding the social world apply to your particular issue? What are the implications of this theory for a research program or policy option that addresses this issue? Be as specific as possible. In addition, you need to identify some of the limitations involved in using this perspective to explain your chosen social issue. What kinds of questions are you unable to address from this perspective and which other theories/theorists we have studied would help you address these questions?


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Sociological Approaches to Social Problems