Explain Social Change Technology

Explain Social Change Technology

Select one of the following


  • Social shaping of technology
  • Social construction of


  • Actor-Network theory
  • Domestication theory

Critically explain your selected theory and use two technological artifacts (examples) to develop your analysis. Include one artefact discussed in the unit and conduct your own research for the second artefact you discuss.

 1.Finding sociological sources

Science and Technology Studies

  • •Science, Technology and Human Values
  • •Social Studies of Science
  • •Science as Culture
  • •Social Science and Medicine
  • •Technology and Culture
  • •History and Technology
  • •Technology in Society
  • •Information, Communication & Society
  • •Science, Technology & Society

General Sociology

  • •Sociology
  • •British Journal of Sociology
  • •Journal of Sociology
  • http://sth.sagepub.com
  • http://www.proquest.com/products-services/socioabs-set-c.html
  • Sociological abstracts


  1. Read Reading before you write.
  • You will need to read and use at the very least 5

relevant sources, peer-reviewed sociologically relevant


  • There will be too much information on the subject
  • Circumscribe topic; choose the relevant information on

topic, time-context, place context

  • As you read, keep your essay question in mind don’t be

distracted by other people’s/writers specific purposes

  • Don’t veer off on tangents


  • Sparingly – quotes are part of your word count
  • Never let a quotation speak for itself.
  • Use quotes as an illustration and explain to the reader

why you provided it and the purpose it serves.


Hot tips…

INTRODUCTIONS – should set out the three Cs (CONTEXTS, CONCEPTS and CONTENT – this includes a statement of your ARGUMENT)

PARAGRAPHING – 1 point per para, topic sentence, evidence to support your point / claim, link to argument.

EVIDENCE – do not let your opinion give way to a strong argument (always think, do I have evidence to support my claim?)


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