Explain six-sigma concept.

Explain six-sigma concept.

This case study discusses the application of six sigma as one of the common tools to improve
the quality and practice continues improvements. The paper is supported by practical example of
the DMAIC implementation (one of the Six sigma methods), which presents the efficiency of
such practice on the processes quality level. Read the case, by using your critical thinking skills
answer the following questions:
1- Using your own words, explain in brief the idea behind six-sigma concept, and how it does
benefit the business? ( 1.5 Mark) ( 100 -150 words)
2- Describe the main stages of DMAIC as indicated in the case study. ( 1.5) ( 100 – 150 words)
3- From your point of view, which one of these stage is more critical, and Why? (1 Mark). ( 100
– 120 words)
4- Assess the application of DMAIC on the company ( production process) in term of its
implementation and results efficiency ( 1 mark ) ( 100 – 120 words)


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