what is situational leadership?

what is situational leadership?

You can find the evaluation of this report and my leadership style

The Situational leadership has two different models that can be used to demonstrate the style. The two different models are the Daniel Goleman and the Blanchard – Hensey.


Situational leadership is when leader or manager of an organization must adapt or change their leadership style to fit the other workers development (STU). This leadership style has been used by many leaders that have a lot of different type of workers that they must work with as each person has different ways of working. There is a process on how to apply which is:

I. Determine the situation

II. Understand the nature and the complexity of the task at hand

III. Evaluate the skills and the desire of the subordinates

IIII. Identify correctly the specific development level which they are functioning

V. Adapt his/her style to be prescribed leadership style represented (TechnoFunc)

Golman’s model is broken down into six different categories which are the following; coaching leadership, pacesetting leadership, democratic leadership, affiliative leadership, authoritative leadership, and coercive leadership. (STU)

and later I will give you some information about my leadership style

and later I will give you some information about my leadership style

Each group of students will submit a paper on their assigned leadership theory on Canvas. At the very least, all papers should have sections that discuss:

  1. The history of the leadership theory
  2. A thorough description of the leadership theory
  3. How each group member feels about the theory and whether or not they can see themselves incorporating it into their own leadership style
  4. Before this work, you have to know what is situational leadership?


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Situational Leadership Theory