Shortest sleep duration areas in the U.S

Shortest sleep duration areas in the U.S

Explore the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for sleep data by using the search terms “CDC data and statistics Short Sleep Duration Among US Adults”. Specifically explore the geographical differences in sleep duration for adults; the short sleep duration for age, sex, race, and ethnicity; and the chronic health conditions and short sleep duration among high school students.

Respond to the following based on the information found on the CDC data and statistics short sleep duration page.

  • Which areas of the US have the shortest sleep duration?
  • How does your geographical area rank in the sleep duration?
    • How do you feel your personal sleep duration compares to that of your geographical area?
    • Which health factors are you most concerned about occurring in your geographical area? Why?
  • How might the sleep duration data impact the way you care for clients who have the common health factors related to short duration?
  • After considering the data on sleep duration and health factors in your geographical area, what goal would you develop for yourself? Your family? Your community?


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