Short Essay: Art and Society

Short Essay: Art and Society

In chapters 4.7 and 4.8 and in the videos you are provided examples of how art is utilized as a means of expression during times of war and as a form of social or political protest. Find one (1) specific artwork referenced in the video “Conflict and Resistance” and one (1) specific artwork in the assigned textbook chapters. The chosen works should be examples that you feel are persuasive in conveying a message AND/OR ones that you believe were less successful. Compose a short essay which compares the selected works, using the following questions to help guide your response:

a. Identify the artworks chosen (artist, title, medium and date).

b. What messages do the works seek to convey? In your discussion, you must include pertinent contextual information such as the period of art and historical context in which the particular artworks were made.

c. Include a discussion of how the artwork’s materials (medium) affects the message and reception of the works.

d. What elements cause the works to be either successfully and/or unsuccessfully powerful or persuasive? How do the works compare? Consider elements such as subject matter, aesthetic choices, composition, etc. Be specific and use visual and contextual evidence to support your position.

e. Finally, do you believe artists have a role or responsibility in times of conflict or violence? Explain.

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Art and Society

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