Shadow Box, Solid Panel, and Transparent Panel

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Write about Shadow box, Solid panel and Transparent panel in architectural engineer perspective and how can it be used to design a high rise office building especially in a warm country such as Kuwait. what is the environmental effect, advantages and disadvantages, ..etc.
to sum up, write everything about the mentioned topic.


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Over the past decades, the architectural design of high-rise buildings has experienced major transformation. Many colonial towns have been turned into new capitals of states in which symbols of nationhood are being articulated in various new forms of buildings (Ismail et al. 2011). With creativity and innovation as the key driving forces, which are made possible by the contemporary advanced technology, various architectural designs of buildings in different parts of the globe are informed by the needs of different functions and factors. In this paper, the architectural design of high-rise office buildings is explored and the use of shadow box, solid panel, and transparent panel is assessed with respect to hot climate oriented functions or purposes. Also, the paper intends to evaluate the safety, social and environmental implications of these features, as well as advantages and disadvantages that are related to their use.As the development expands in every part of the world, wealth creates total transformation in a country’s architectural development

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