Write a report on Sexual harassment in the workplace

Write a report on Sexual harassment in the workplace

For this assessment, write a report on one of the issues below (please select ONE):
1. Sexual assault on university campuses
2. Sexual harassment in the workplace
3. Alcohol-related violence

Your report should be structured as follows:
1. Introduction: Define the issue and use Australian research and statistics to explain how common it is, and the likely impacts of this violence (for
instance, mental or physical health impacts, number of hospitalizations, and other indications of impact).
2. Theoretical section: Select TWO theories from the following list, and apply them to the issue: Liberal feminism, Liberal feminism, Marxist/socialist feminism, radical
feminism, critical masculinity theory. You need to pick the most appropriate theory to help you explain the issue. Think carefully about the theories you select.

On EACH theory, in which you briefly define the theory, and then describe how that particular theory would explain the issue you have selected. For instance, if you select Marxist/socialist feminism for the issue of sexual assault, then your paragraph needs to explain what Marxist/socialist feminism is, and present a Marxist/socialist feminist explanation for sexual assault. Your bibliography should contain no fewer than EIGHT academic sources. Any media sources are additional to this.


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