Paper Topic : Service Marketing

Paper Topic : Service Marketing

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Paper Topic : Service Marketing

Style : APA

Language Style : English (U.K.)

Type of Assignment : Article

Deadline : 1.5 Days

Acedemic Level : Post Graduate Level

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files will be attached Hi there, Please you can use MacDonald or any organisation of your choice for this assignment. Organisation should be within Sydney, Australia.

Assessment 3 – Extended Service Encounter Reflective Journal (Individual)
READ the Course Outline
Additional information
You are to document your personal experiences relative to an extended service encounter
with one service provider (organisation or individual) of your choice. This document may
take a form of a diary which you use to describe what happened and how you felt every
time you interact with the provider. You are free to select which extended service
encounter to examine. Possible options include your attendance to classes for a particular
course, a return trip to Sydney using the Happy Cabby, repeat usage of Newcastle buses
to and from University, having repeated meals at a particular restaurant, an overnight (or
longer) stay in a hotel; or it might be a series of transactions with a business service
provider (such as an architect, accountant, consultant, lecturer). The common
characteristic of all these examples is that each involves multiple ‘service encounters’.
The Service Encounter Diary is designed to help you understand customer expectations,
and why as consumers we are sometimes satisfied or dissatisfied with the service
experience. By recording and analysing your own experiences, particularly in reference to
the theories, tools and techniques of services and relationship marketing, you should begin
to discover what is truly needed to satisfy a customer.
You must:
• Provide a brief introduction to the assignment, identifying its aims. Be sure to
explain the concept of extended service encounter, and provide a brief explanation
of the criteria you will be using to assess the service activity you will experience
during your interaction with the service provider you are using for this assignment
(e.g., people processing, high involvement, credence qualities) – maximum one
• Provide a general introduction to the service provider you are using for this
assignment. Maximum half a page.
• Document what happened at each service encounter and how you felt. This must
include writing a record of your satisfaction rating with each service
encounter (always using the same 5 point scale). You need to separately rate
your satisfaction with each encounter in terms of value for money rating and
whether you would recommend this service provider to a close friend or family
member. Please make sure your diary does not exceed 5 pages.
• Once the extended service encounter is concluded, your task is to analyse your
overall (dis)satisfaction, quality and value judgements about the service you
have received, using relevant services and relationship marketing theories
and concepts. Your satisfaction may be positive, negative or to have elements of
both. A maximum of 4 pages applies for this section.
• Finally, use the analysis in point 2 to reflect on your experience. Identify up to
three major areas of Satisfaction or dissatisfaction and make up to three
justified recommendations for improvement (please use bullet points and keep
it to a maximum one page)
• and keep it to a maximum one page).
In total, your service encounter reflective journal should not exceed 12 typewritten pages
using single spacing and Times 12 font. Be sure to include a title page with your
identification and to include precise references for the sources you have used. The title and
references page are not part of your page limit.
Assessment criteria (from Course Outline)
Introduction to the service provider, relevant theory and evaluation criteria
Analysis of expectations (disconfirmation) and experiences
Analysis of (dis)satisfaction, quality and value
Recommendations for improvement, with rationale
Depth of analysis and overall quality of report


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