.  Outlined below is a list of questions most commonly asked during an interview. b.
Answer all questions, as they would pertain to a particular area of nursing and or unit
in a hospital that is of interest to you. This could be a within a community setting as
∙ How would you describe yourself?
∙ Create a short Biography (Bio) (2-4 sentences)
∙ Why did you choose nursing as a profession?
∙ Why would you be a good fit for this institution/unit?
∙ What do you know about our institution?
∙ What are your strong points?
∙ What are your weak points?
∙ How well do you work in teams?
∙ What do you know about the _____________________ (add the name of
specialty unit here, i.e. medical surgical, oncology, operating room,
community, ICU, rehabilitation, etc.) setting and why have you chosen to
apply for this specific area of nursing?
∙ How would you handle conflicts that arise on the unit? Tell a short story (2-3
paragraphs) describing a situation, problem and solution, either made up or
from your personal/clinical experience that demonstrates the process you
would follow during a conflict.
∙ Why should we hire you?
∙ What are your professional/educational goals?
∙ Where do you see yourself in five years? How do you see yourself progressing


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