Science Question – Progression of critical thinking in social science

Science Question – Progression of critical thinking in social science

  1. Review this unit’s Key Points and videos.
  2. In a Microsoft Word document (2 to 3 pages), in your own words:
    1. Write a testable hypothesis. Provide an explanation for how you arrived at your hypothesis. (Interest in the phenomena? Previous experience with the subject matter of your hypothesis? Google search?)
    2. Apply the SEARCH formula to your hypothesis. Be sure to provide evidence for and apply the criteria of adequacy to your original hypothesis and the alternative hypotheses.
  3. Prepare your assignment for submission:
    1. Make sure to follow APA format, which requires in-text citations for all borrowed information as well as a list of references.
    2. Submit your assignment. Your work will automatically be checked by Turnitin.
    3. Review your Submission Details and access your Turnitin report. Revise your work as needed based on the feedback.
    4. Proofread your assignment carefully. Improper English grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, or spelling will result in some point deductions.
    5. By the due date indicated, re-submit the final version of your work.

Requirements: One | .doc file

Requirements: 2-3

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