Book review: Scars and Green World.

Book review: Scars and Green World.

The following are the stories

“Cry Cry Cry”

“Green World”


“The Toughest Indian In The World”

19 Sep 2018 08:02

The following are the stories “Cry Cry Cry” “Green World” “Scars” “The Toughest Indian In The World”

QUESTIONS ABOUT PLOT:  What conflicts does it dramatize? Use these
questions to help you compare the plots in two of the short stories we have read from Alexie (1-41):
·  What is the main conflict in each story?
·  What are the minor conflicts?
·  What connections are there regarding the major and minor conflicts in these two stories?
·  What causes the conflicts and are the sources similar?
·  Which conflicts are internal and which are external and how do they compare?

·  What qualities or values does the author associate with each side of the conflict?
· Where does the turning point or climax occur in each story?  Why?
· How is the main conflict resolved in each story?
· Which conflicts go unresolved?  Why?
· What did you learn by comparing plot and conflict between these two stories by Alexie?


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Scars and Green World.