Research question about same-sex marriage

Research question about same-sex marriage

To get started, read Module 1 of your textbook, and watch What is an Annotated Bibliography? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and Picking Your Topic IS Research. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Take a look at the Week Five Annotated Bibliography examplePreview the document.

Week 2 – Assignment
Writing Your Research Question

For this assignment I was asked to start thinking of a topic that I would like to write about for my annotated bibliography. I also was asked if I hadn’t done my research yet to stop and do it now. I found many articles from multiple sources like the Ashford Library, Google and Wikipedia just
to name a few. So, without further ado here goes.
Step One:
In this step I am asked to choose my research topic. This choice has been strongly made since the first day of class when a discussion about what the final assignment for this class would be. I was hit like a ton of bricks instantly with two topics: Same-sex Marriage or The History of Prop 8. So, I chose only by default to use Same-sex MarriageSame-sex Marriage as my topic. I chose this topic not only because it is about me, my life and what I have had to go through or compared to many others lack thereof. I also chose to do this topic because for 10 years during the uprising and end to the Prop 8 era I worked at a Community Center for the LGBTQQ here in Utah as the Administrative Assistant. I was there for 10 years and it was the best time of my life. This is where I found myself, gained many community awards, learned the most in life, and created my company. This is the place that I found my heart, the place that I knew I wanted to work at or run one day.

Step Two:

The next step in this process is to do some brainstorming. There are many ways to go about brainstorming. Below is a table I came up with for my brainstorming ideas. I Will use the open-ended and closed-ended table for this part of my assignment, followed by some brainstorming ideas started on one of the websites provided.

Open-End Close-Ended

How would it affect anyone who isn’t in a same-sex relationship?

Does Having Homosexual Fantasies Mean You Are Homosexual?

Why do same-sex couples think it’s important to have the same rights as everyone else?

Do you believe homosexuality is a choice? Who Is a Homosexual, and how would you pick one out of a crowd?

Can Homosexuality be changed?

Who Is a Homosexual, and how would you pick one out of a crowd?

Can a Person Change His or Her Sexual Orientation?

How Is a Person's Sexual Orientation Determined?

Is Homosexuality “Against Nature”?

Why should heterosexuals or the world for that matter care?

Are those against same-sex relations only suppressing a fear with-in themselves?

So, for my topic and for the center of my brainstorming I chose Same-Sex Marriage.
Centered around that are these questions asked:
1- Who does Same-sex Marriage affect?
2- What is harmful about Same-Sex couples being married?
3- When did this all start?
4- Where does the topic and interest reside?
5- Why is the Same-Sex topic so controversial?
6- How does it affect everyone?
Then I have these ideas listed off to the side for placement when and wherever they fit/fall:
1- Equal rights
2- Impact
3- Mental Disorder
4- Genetic
5- Religious
6- Political
7- Right
8- Wrong
Step Four: Development Research Questions:

Step Three:
For the last step of this week’s assignment I was asked to write my research questions and then reflect on the process (the process of background research and refining my topic. The way that this relates to me in this course has greatly been shown. I have a whole new meaning and
interpretation of what brainstorming is and how it is done as well as everything that it intels. Little did I know (unless I did) how many ways there were when brainstorming a topic. All of them as important as the next. I had many sources marked and, in a spreadsheet, awaiting the
final insertion and usage of them. However, after following the guidelines and assignment in flow I found that the sources that came up were better, scholarly and less pages then the ones I have already marked for reference.
This is going to be interesting to see how the final product comes o0ut. Until then, however, the previous parts to the assignment have been filed away until the guidelines ask for them to come out. This way it will knock out any confusion or frustration that might arise. I have always been one to unless debating say that I don’t know everything. How could I, I am not perfect I am merely human. I am, however, a perfected spirit that just happens to be living an imperfect human existence.


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Writing Your Research Question

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