Review the Dana Hall case study

Review the Dana Hall case study
Review the Dana Hall case study (Attached) with a view to understanding its academic and social values in a difficult economic situation. Consider that Dana Hall is a complex system and simple solutions are inadequate.
Ask yourself, “How can Elaine show appropriate respect for the traditional values of Dana Hall, and at the same time encourage the institution to consider changes that might be necessary to insure its survival?”
Write an essay that presents a compelling analysis and response to the question, Is it time for Dana Hall to embrace coeducation?
Refer to specific examples from the case study, and consider Paul and Elder’s (2009) “Checklist for Reasoning” (pp. 4-5) Slides attached).
Include an imaginary dialogue, written in the form of a play script, between Elaine Betts and William McMurtney that demonstrates how she might discuss the problem with him in a way that demonstrates respect for tradition while encouraging necessary changes.

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