Respond to all three cases presented below using professional writing

Respond to all three cases presented below using professional writing

Professional Writing


Please read carefully and respond to all three cases presented below.  You have two hours to complete the three documents.  All three cases count equally toward your grade on the exam.  You may invent needed information, but ensure that it is pertinent and realistic. You will be evaluated on your writing style and tone, as well as the formatting for each type of correspondence.

Case 1

You are the director of operations at Underhill Mountain Regional Park, a popular ski destination. The increased usage of the park by skiers, hikers, and tourists has begun causing damage to the trails that needs to be repaired, and that would require hiring more staff. However, after recent budget cuts to the park, there is no more money to hire personnel.

To ease the burden on the trails and the staff who maintain them, you and your staff decided to make several changes:

  1. .         To close the park every Monday and Tuesday
  2. 2.         To close two of your eight cabins
  3. 3.         To charge an increased access fee for the ski lifts.
  4. 4.         You’ve also decided to postpone plans for several new ski trails (these had been promoted as “coming in 2018!” so many will be disappointed).

You usually send letters in August to registered skiers and visitors encouraging them to register early for cabins on your campgrounds and notifying them of special events during the upcoming ski season, which runs from October until March.   This year you’re sending the letter very early because it will be especially important for visitors to register ahead of time since there will not be as many cabins available.   They also won’t be able to stay through Monday after their weekend trip, as many had in the past.

Write a letter to visitors and let them know of the changes and apologizing for any inconvenience or disappointment these changes cause.

Case 2

You manage Kirkwood Tech College’s bookstore and have been facing some problems with customers stealing books and other items (last year your inventory loss rate was an unacceptable 6.5%).   You’re also losing business left and right to online bookstores who can often sell books more cheaply.  Students and faculty generally like shopping at your store, though, particularly since you’ve added a selection of snacks, gift items, and college-themed apparel.

You need to do two things—halt theft and increase business—and you’re certain that your current staff of student employees can offer suggestions for how to do so.  After all, your target audience is students, so your student employees should be able to give you some unique suggestions for both cutting down on theft and increasing business, and you’re willing to pay them for the ideas that are good enough to be implemented.

Specifically, employees who suggest an idea that is strong enough to get implemented will receive one $100.00 gift certificate for the bookstore.  That gift certificate along with their current discount would help most of them buy school books in the spring semester.  And, they’re not limited to one idea.  For every idea they suggest that you implement, they’ll get another $100.00 gift certificate.

To submit an idea, employees can simply send you an email that describes the idea.

Write an email to employees and announce the new rewards program for employee suggestions.

Case 3

You are the office manager in TPS Office Solutions, a small technology company. The owner of the company is fed up with how much the company is spending on office supplies and is tired of employees ordering reams of expensive paper and photo paper for their personal use. You have noticed personal photographs in the recycling bins on company-bought photo paper.

After sending out a memo requesting that employees reuse paper and keep personal copies to a minimum, costs for supplies have continued to rise in the past three months.

To fix the problem, you want to implement a new supply ordering system that requires employees to fill out order forms that will be approved by the president. When special supplies are needed, you want employees to fill out a special request form that can be fast-tracked to the president. All supplies will be under lock and key. You also want to remind employees that the company will no longer give free personal copies. Employees will have to pay 5 cents for personal copies and 10 cents for photo paper copies. Personal accounts for copies can be set up with their department’s administrative assistant. These prices are still well below the cost at local copy stores.

Write a memo to the president explaining your idea and requesting permission to implement these new supply ordering policies.


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