Research paper on Gerontological Nursing

Research paper on Gerontological Nursing

Assessment I: Discussion forum

 Please answer the following question to the best of your knowledge and your
understanding to the topic discussed in the class.
 Please maintain academic integrity, no plagiarism otherwise you can get zero
for the whole assignment.
 This Assignment is worth 20% of your whole grade in the course. You need to
follow the grading rubric as it will be corrected out of 30. The calculation will
be as the following: score obtained by student divided by 30 into 20%.
Mrs. Fatima is 65 years old, celebrating her birthday. She is widow, lost her husband
6 month back. She lives alone but she has grandchildren who sometimes visit her.
She works as a school teacher. Everyone in the school was thanking her for her good
work. Ali is a teacher working in the same school, he commented telling her that you
are supposed to be at home by this age, you don’t have enough strength to continue
your career. Mrs. Fatma has changes in her health condition as now she becomes
fatigued easily, she also experience shortness of breath when she walked 2 blocks,
sometimes she experience gastritis.

A. Discuss in your own words the view of the elder adult based on the scenario and
compare it with the current view?
B.  Mention and Discuss two problems that may older women experience as a result
of gender differences in life expectancy and income.
C. What do you think the major role changes Mrs. Fatma is experiencing? As a nurse
how you can help her to cope with her new role?
D. As a nurse how you can prepare her for retirement?
E. Explain in detail the major organ changes that happen due to aging process in
relation to what is happening with Mrs. Fatma
F. If we say Mrs. Fatma this year 2020 is 65 years old: when she was born as you
expect her? Do you consider her as a baby boomer or not? Why? Describe the
personality of baby boomers?
G. Analyze the Scenario of Mrs. Fatma and relate her situation with one of theories of
aging , Describe in detail why do you think that this theory is applicable to Mrs,
Fatma’s situations.
H. Summarize the above story in 3 sentences and give one suggestions or /
Recommendation/ advice to the nurses on how we can best help the elderly cope with
their life changes and based on your text book (generally from your readings and

understanding of unit I) : what are the available resources in the American
community made to help them?

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