Requirements for a Contributory Cause

Requirements for a Contributory Cause

Requirements for a Contributory Cause.Answer These Questions from Dreamland book for Sam Quinones.Mai, chief pharmacist at the Department of Labor and Industries in the State of Washington noted the use of opioids for chronic pain. Doses were increased without assessment of drug efficacy. After 6 months in the job, Mai began to see deaths from overdose. Understanding the reasons, or contributory causes, for this increase in death from overdose was fundamental to the prevention of future deaths. List the three definitive requirements of a contributory cause.

Using the Dreamland chapters, we have discussed, name three (with chapter and page references) contributing causes of the opioid epidemic and how these examples meet the requirements of a contributory cause

In 1980 Portsmouth was selected to be an ‘All-American City.’  The community pool called ‘Dreamland’’ with its family picnic area and playing fields’ was the focus of summer play for this working class town.

By the year 2000 Dreamland was only a memory.

  • Define three transitions in population demographics that can affect the pattern of disease.
  • Apply one of the transition types above to the changes in Portsmouth,Ohio from 1980-2000. Support your answer with at least three quotations (provide page reference) from the Preface and Liberace in Appalachia.

It is 1989 and Enrique is 14 years old.  He lives in poverty in a small town in Nayarit Mexico.

  • List the BIG GEMS determinants of disease.
  • Apply five of these determinants to Enrique at age 14 and provide references to support your statements from Enrique and Enrique Begins.

The Stages of Change intrapersonal model assumes that individuals go through a set of incremental stages when changing behavior.

  • List the stages of change.
  • Apply each of the stages of change to Enrique’s behavior as he becomes involved with the heroin trade, providing references from Dreamland  to support your statements.


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Requirements for a Contributory Cause