Relationship between Gut Microbiota and Cancer Immunotherapy

Relationship between Gut Microbiota and Cancer Immunotherapy

This assignment has two parts. It is based on the final topic for your group presentation .You will need to read research articles and should not use any non-scientific articles such as WebMD.

Topic: Connection between the gut microbiota with cancer immune response/immunotherapy

Part I. Do a literature review of your topic to answer the questions below. Use ~5 sentences to answer each question. I suggest to initially read review articles to get a broad understanding of the topic.

  • What are the major questions (or limitations) that remain to be answered (solved) about your topic?
  • Provide potential applications from these topics that can improve our health, environment, society, etc. Provide examples of how these systems can be modified/applied to make them do what we need them to do.
  • What are a couple things that you found interesting/surprising about this topic?

Part II. Identify three research articles that you would like to present during your final presentation (rank them with #1 as your top choice). Make sure that those articles are not reviews/commentaries/etc. Write down a summary explaining the Why? What? How? for each of the three primary scientific research articles. This does not need to be extensive (total for each article ~ 3 sentences). The goal is to convince me why those articles deserve to be presented to the whole class. For each article, follow the format below

Title of article:
Date of publication & name of journal:
Abstract (copy & paste):
Your summary:

Requirements: NA   |   .doc file

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Relationship between Gut Microbiota and Cancer Immunotherapy
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