Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper

Write a  reflection paper on one of the themes. The papers will focus on how the theme impacts your own life, and it is not to be just vague musings on the theme in general. Apply it to your life!

For instance, you might use one of these sentences to begin your reflections:

–“One of the themes in this film that really struck me was X, because…”

–“I could identify with the theme of X because …”

–“I admire character X because …”

–“If I were character X, I would have acted differently in this way …

–“Character X showed the kind of negative traits that have impacted my life in these ways…”

You can chose one of these movies:

1) Hidden figures

2) The Shawshank Redemption

Answer preview:

I admire Andy’s character in the film “The Shawshank Redemption,” as he is the main character portraying the theme of hope. Andy Dufresne has been convicted for two life sentences for allegedly killing his wife and her lover. The crime he claimed he didn’t commit. Nobody believes him all along as he was found guilty due to lack of evidence. Andy is taken to Shawshank Prison where he finds Ellis Boyd Redding, popularly known as Red, a man who was also convicted for murder. They became friends, but their perception of life in prison is different. Andy believes there is hope, but Red doesn’t. Andy also believes that his life in prison is timed and he hopes for a better life outside the thick walls. Red always questions Andy to abandon his desire for hope, arguing that hope is contagious and would ruin his life in prison. He advises Andy to get used