Reflect on Interpersonal Relationships

Reflect on Interpersonal Relationships

Choose one movie from this list

.Gril, Interupted
What About Bob?
To The Bone
The Karen Carpenter Story
A Beautiful Mind
What is Eating Gilbert Grape
Brain on Fire
LARS and the Real Girl
When Love is Not Enough

  • Then watch the movie and take notes. Many will be available on HULU, Amazon Prime, IMbD, or Netflix. You will use characters from the movie and their interactions with each other as a base for your therapeutic relationships paper.
  • Use the primary character with mental health concerns or diagnosis with a counselor, caregiver, or nurse as the focus in the interpersonal relationships discussed in your paper.
  • Use proper APA formatting, and citations

Requirements: 5-6 pages   |   .doc file

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word limit:1503