Reflect on Continued Education for Nurses

Reflect on Continued Education for Nurses

Make 3 works

1 with more than 350 words with more than 3 references (no initial and references included in the # of words).

2 and 3 each one with more than 150 words and each one with their refernces.

In our last discussion will review Educational Advancement: The DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice)/PhD . This topic will guide you and encourage you to take a next step to advance on your professional life.

Topics to review: Joel chapter 4

Suggested readings and Video: Why should you get a Doctorate in nursing?


Initial post: Search in scholarly sources the similarities and difference between PhD and DNP. Post three similarities and three differences found on your research. Do not forget to include your


Reflective post: discuss your future preference for continue education as Family APRN

Requirements: as indicated.

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word limit:1500