Discuss red star china case study and ethical choices

Discuss red star china case study and ethical choices

Red Star China Case Study and Ethical Choices

In various global settings, leaders may be obliged to engage in behaviors considered unacceptable in their home country but customary in another country and culture. In this unit’s case study, Howard is following his concept of guanxi within Chinese cultural norms. How does this compare to similar practices in other countries? For this discussion, use concepts from the readings to support your arguments and address the following:

1) Explore your personal value choices and adjustments needed for working effectively in other countries and cultures.

2) Identify the changes you would need to make as you explore working in other cultures and explain why these goals are important to you.

3) List two goals with at least two accompanying action items for each.

4) Solicit feedback from peers on any additional actions they can recommend.


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