Qualitative Data Collection- triangulation. 

Qualitative Data Collection- triangulation.

This assignment allows you to practice developing an integrated set of data collection methods. Interviews and focus groups are some of the most commonly used data collection methods in qualitative research. Often a researcher will begin with individual interviews, and then conduct a focus group with a sample of the participants to hone in on certain issues that arose in the interviews, and probe further. This is part of a strategy called triangulation. This assignment will provide you with some hands-on practice in crafting an integrated tool-set.

Step 1: Complete 2 of the following options. NOTE: You may choose to complete more than 2 options if you would like an opportunity to practice developing the tools needed to collect qualitative data. This approach enables you to receive valuable feedback from your instructor and to acquire these important skills. Be sure to craft your data collection tools based on a potential topic or research problem of interest:

  1. Write an open-ended 5-item interview protocol.
  2. Write a 5 item Focus group script.
  3. Write up a set of 4-6 guidelines for conducting an observation.
  4. Develop a critical incident questionnaire.

Step 2: Compile a reflection on what you feel about the process or developing your three tools, and any takeaways (insights and learning) that you derived from this experience. For all three data collection methods, include what you feel was successful, unsuccessful, or surprising. Present any ideas you have for improvement and/or revision if you were to design both of these methods again in the future. In the interest of ongoing improvement, explain what you believe were your areas of strength, and what you can identify as areas that will require growth in designing these data collection methods.

Requirements: 2-3 pages

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word limit:669