Describe the purpose/goals/mission of the NGO/NPO and why was founded.

Describe the purpose/goals/mission of the NGO/NPO and why was founded.

For this extra credit assignment you will be researching a “NGO” (non-governmental organization) or interchangeably called a “NPO” (non-profit organization). NGO/NPO’s are often referred to as “grassroots” organizations as well and exist to support or advance a certain cause. The Red Cross, for instance, is a very large NGO/NPO having much political influence and helping millions of people during times of crisis. Others are much smaller and work peacefully while others may be quite radical in their actions. The NGO/NPO you choose must relate to the goals and objectives of this course as part of working towards an environmentally sustainable society and/or environmental conservation or protection. This extra credit assignment is worth 5 points (as part of the 30 total points you may earn). Here is what you need to do:

1) Find an NGO/NPO to research. Remember, it must be related to the goals and objectives of EVR 1001.

2) Describe the purpose/goals/mission of the NGO/NPO explaining why the NGO/NPO was founded.

3) Who (individual or group) founded the NGO/NPO and when?

4) How many members represent the NGO/NPO?

5) How is the NGO/NPO funded?

6) Explain how members go about accomplishing their purpose/goals/mission, that is, how do

they conduct their activism? Do they conduct outreach education, demonstrations, physical

labor, etc.?

7) Describe specific examples or instances of the groups’ activism to accomplish their goals.

You may have to do a little searching for this one; look for news stories, articles, web sites,

etc. that may describe specific examples, instances, dates.

8) Would you consider joining this organization? Explain why or why not?


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