Project of Strategic management.

Project of Strategic management.

The 3 assignments of this course will be parts of a project, which aims to study the four basic
elements of strategic management of the company ‘X’ from your choice. It is structured as follow:

– Part 1: Assignment 1= Environmental scanning & strategy formulation.
– Part 2: Assignment 2= Strategy implementation.
– Part 3: Assignment 3= Evaluation and control

Consider the same company ‘X’ that you have already used in assignments 1& 2 and answer the
following questions.

1. Evaluate the performance of the main activities of your selected company. What type(s) of
criteria do you use to evaluate this performance? (1.5 marks)
2. What type(s) of control of employees and production processes is/are used by your selected
company? Justify(1 mark)
3. How does the corporation manage the environmental risks? (1 mark)
4. Evaluate the competitive advantage of the corporation. Suggest some recommendations in
order to to improve it. (1.5 marks)

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