Prepare a critique of a Miami hip-hop orchestra show you attended

Prepare a critique of a Miami hip-hop orchestra show you attended

Writing Your Critique

Your paper should be two to three full pages in length(approximately 280 words per page),double-spaced,written in 12 pt font.Do not use extra spaces between paragraphs.

You should think about the journalistic questions of “who,what,when,where,and why”

For example: “A collection of Broadway artists performed Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “The Sound of Music” on December 15, 2019 at the Uris Theatre in New York City as part of a special celebration of the 60th anniversary of its world premiere.”
1) Be specific about when and where the event occurred. The information should be listed in the YouTube description.

2) You should describe the performers and include information about instrumentation,setting, costuming, and stage behavior.

3) Here are some things to think about: Were the performers/musicians “engaged” or did they appear to be going through the motions of performing. Did they communicate subtly with each other while performing.Did they simply provide music or did they actively communicate with their audience. Did they seem polished and skilled?

4) Describe in detail one or two songs that you especially liked. Were particular musicians featured in solos? What was the style of the music? What was it that you enjoyed about these songs?

5) Did you enjoy the concert? What was it that made it enjoyable or not enjoyable?

6) What stands out as most memorable in the concert?

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Word limit : 959 words