Physical Therapy aspects.


Situation Instructions: Carefully read the following hypothetical case, fill in the table of objective and subjective data, and make a care plan of one of Marjory Gordon’s altered patterns. (Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns Assessment). Used NANDAA 78-year-old female patient arrives at the emergency room in a wheelchair accompanied by her daughter. He reports having suffered a fall and having injured the upper limb on the right side. The client has vital signs: T: 37.0 degrees Celsius, P: 88/min., B/P: 130/80mmHg, R: 16/min., SpO2: 97%. Refers pain on a scale of 0 to 10 in 6. It is observed, tearful and has a disposable diaper with fecal contents.

NANDA (MOBILITY) OR PHYSICAL MOBILITY. Since the patient fall and is in a wheelchair.

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Physical Therapy aspects
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