Discuss Pfizer’s corporate social responsibility

Discuss Pfizer’s corporate social responsibility


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Spotlight on Pfizer, Inc.-Corporate Social Responsibility

Methamphetamine (meth) is an addictive drug made chiefly in small toxic labs (STLs) in homes, tents, barns, and hotel rooms. The manufacturing process is dangerous and often results in explosions, burns, and toxic fumes. Government entities spend time and resources to find and destroy STLs, imprison meth dealers and users, treat addicts, and provide services for affected families.

Meth cannot be made without ingredients that are also used in cold and allergy medications. Arkansas has one of the highest numbers of STLs in the United States. To recoup the costs of fighting the meth epidemic, twenty counties in Arkansas filed a suit against Pfizer, Inc., which makes cold and allergy medications. What is Pfizer’s ethical responsibility here, and to whom is it owed? Why?


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Pfizer’s Ethical Responsibility

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