Personal Hero: Writing Question

Personal Hero: Writing Question

Construct a single, effective paragraph about a personal hero who motivated you to choose your field of study.

Welcome to the beginning of your journey! Throughout the course, you will focus on the concept of the Hero’s Journey. This concept is found both in myth and reality and is based on the idea that a hero becomes a hero through a transformative journey. The Hero’s Journey includes five stages: birth, quest, trials, epiphany, and death (figuratively).

For this course, see yourself as a hero embarking on a journey in which you will not only demonstrate the foundations of academic writing but develop a strong, informed voice: a voice that gives you the ability to engage in reasoned discourse in your career and other important areas of your life. You are also the hero of your educational journey, and you will need to overcome challenges to succeed so that you transform and change upon completion of your degree.

In the Hero’s Journey, birth is the beginning of an endeavor. We are starting with one of the foundational elements of essay writing, the paragraph.

For each assessment, we will introduce a few individuals from your discipline who emerged as leaders in their fields. We will discuss the birth, or beginnings, of a new idea:

  • Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing.
  • Clara Barton was the founder of the American Red Cross.
  • Victor Glushkov was the founding father of information technology in the Soviet Union.

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