What is meant by the term patient safety?

What is meant by the term patient safety?

Leadership for Quality and Safety in Health Care

Question 2:
What is meant by the term patient safety? Differentiate between safety in health care and patient safety. In the context of patient safety what is risk management and what is its aim?
Briefly discuss the approaches and /or tools that a health professional is likely to use when completing a risk analysis and when thinking about how best to manage a high-risk situation.
The additional readings loaded here are specific to assessment 1, question 2. Please use them as you wish, and in conjunction with relevant Module readings when providing supporting evidence for the claims you make about the key topic areas nominated by the question.

Of course, there is no pressure to use any, or all, of these readings. Choose only the readings that suit you best, and that provide information that you want to include in your answer.  if you have researched the literature yourself and have found readings that you prefer, and that you believe provide stronger support for your arguments then please use these readings in preference to the additional readings loaded here.


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