Discuss patient family centred Care

Discuss patient family centred Care

Topic:Patient Family Centred Care – Delivery of Health Care regarding all those involved in the care of a child family

Patient and Family Centered Care (P&FCC)- the delivery of health care based on partnerships between patients, families and all those involved in the care of the child and family. Evidence has shown that patient and family centered care can produce benefits for both the child and their family.
Discuss one benefit of P&FCC to the child and family and compare and contrast how the provision of P&FCC would differ in the hospital to the community setting (school, kindergarten, daycare,home). There are four central areas utilised as a guide to improve the experience and outcomes for patients and their families:

  1. Treat patients and families with dignity and respect
  2. Share information clearly and openly Involve the patient and family in decision making Share the provision of care
  3. Explore one of the above areas in depth. Discuss what you think is meant by the phrase and identify ways in which you would do this for a two year old in comparison to a 16 year old.
  4. The impact of hospitalisation for a child can have both positive and negative outcomes.Explore one of each using evidence to support your thoughts. Discuss at least three strategies you could employ to reduce the negative effects of hospitalisation for the child and family
  5. Choose a particular age group and one of the following interventions:

 Capillary blood taking
 Insertion of a naso-gastric tube
 Vital signs
 Administration of oral medication
 Need for IV insertion
 Having an Anaesthesia/operation

a) Identify how you would explain one of the identified medical interventions to a child and encourage their cooperation.
b) What effect would this procedure have on the child and family?
c) When/how could you explain and involve them in both preparation for the procedure and then during the procedure.


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Patient and Family Centered Care

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