Discuss the parental Role in Youth Sports.

Discuss the Parental Role in Youth Sports.

Format: Two questions, 500-word (or slightly more) responses for each question (approximately 1000
words total). Use this document for your inline responses below, with SINGLE SPACING.
Guidelines: These two questions will synthesize the course readings and discussions. Be rich, evidence
driven with course material, and organized in your writing. Make logical connections between your
ideas. Ideas should be presented coherently and with deliberation, rather than bullet point style. Be sure
to define main concepts and to draw from the class material IN A SPECIFIC AND COMPREHENSIVE
POSSIBLE FROM COURSE MATERIALS (use class readings, videos, speakers, and other examples to
support your arguments in each question). Writing style and mechanics (including sentence structure and
spelling) will be taken into account, as this impacts clarity/strength of argumentation. You will be
graded according to these key elements.

1. This course has covered the motivations/roles of parents in American youth sports. Refer to
all relevant weekly materials, and systematically outline how parents are currently
impacting upon American youth sports. Highlight key issues and debates.
Response (500 words or slightly more):

2. We have recently covered adventure sports (both “actual” and “virtual”) and future
sports. Describe all of these activities in terms of a) what they are and b) why and how
people participate in them. Then c) discuss the pros and cons of how technology is used as
part of these activities.
Response (500 words or slightly more):

word limit:1225