Palm Oil Dilemma Case Study Questions

Palm Oil Dilemma Case Study Questions

Specific instructions for preparation and writing your paper:

Articles to use in your case briefing assignment: Palm Oil and Its Problems (Case 7.5 in your textbook), and article: The Palm Oil Dilemma Orsato & Weiss et al., 2014 – find this article in Blackboard

Use both cases for the analysis and as key references.

First: What are the major ethical issues in these cases?

Next: Answer the questions as listed below – in paragraph form, do not use bullet points unless you really need to but, not preferred.


2) Answer question #2 on page 365

3) Answer question #3 on page 366

4)Briefly answer question #4 on page 366

Finally, building on your arguments, write a conclusion (put some thought into it!)

Please don’t use “I believe” and “in my opinion” please in the essay.

word limit:640