Oakland Athletics Case Analysis

Oakland Athletics Case Analysis

Prepare an Individual Case Write-Up on the “Oakland Athletic’s” case study.
Provide the following:
1) a brief introduction, 2) an overview of the competitive situation (at the time of the case), 3) and then you should identify key problems facing the organization. You will come up with two separate recommendations that will help the organization address those problems you have identified. You should justify those recommendations separately and explain how each deals with the problem(s).
You should also conduct a pre-mortem where you discuss what potential issues could undermine your recommendations.
Lastly, you will select what you consider to be the best recommendation and then you will discuss an implementation plan.
Must be at least 800 words in length.
The article that can be used https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/strate… ; and the other one is attached as a file.

It must comply with the following rubric:
1) Introduction is easy to understand and properly introduces the case.
2) Overall Analysis of Situation – Properly utilizes the strategic tools and is informative and gives a clear idea of the competitive situation.
3) Identify Key Problems – Key problem is well-defined and convincing based on information from the case.
4) Recommendations – Both were logical, specific, feasible, addressed the key problem, and sufficient detail was given to explain how they work.
5) Pre-Mortem Analysis – identified at least one threat or reason why each recommendation could fail. Also showed how those possible threats could be prevented or minimized.
6) Implementation Plan – The implementation plan was logical, sufficiently detailed, and considered other stakeholders.

Requirements: 800   |   .doc file

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word limit:1085