Research your immediate family noting any illnesses or health conditions.

Research your immediate family noting any illnesses or health conditions.

You might have to call a relative or a good friend or two to get the answers you need. This is a project and you will need some time to complete.

1. Research your immediate family noting any illnesses or health conditions.
(Even if you are adopted or have no contact with family, you can do this with your adopted family or close friends.) You can try to remember,
or just identify 5 people who are close to you and are willing to share their health with you. (Although family is ideal, we tend to make similar
lifestyle choices as those we hang around with.) Minimally include 5 people plus yourself (Options include: parents, children, siblings,
grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles or close friends.) You do not have to share information that you are uncomfortable sharing, but know this paper
is confidential. You can include more than the minimum of 5 but no more than 10. You do not have to draw a tree. You can list a name (Mom is
fine…I don’t have to know her name is Betty Ayers who lives on Shawnee Ave in Plymouth, Pa).
2. Identify one health condition/illness that either you notice shows up with some sort of frequency OR identify a health condition which concerns you
the most OR one you want to learn more about. (Many of you already know what you want to research since you mentioned in when you
submitted your current health concern. Others might think they know what they want to research but might change your mind when you see what
shows up in your family medical tree).When some of you did your Health Introduction you noted a particular condition. This “condition” would be
fine….even if you don’t see it anywhere. Explain why you choose this condition/illness to research.
3. Briefly explain a little about this one condition (Use at least 3 valid sources and cite the sources appropriately). FOR THIS PAPER, DO NOT
a. Identify at least 3 modifiable risk factors (things you can change) for this condition. (Site your sources)
b. Identify at least 3 non-modifiable risk factors (things you can’t change) for this condition. (Site your sources)

4. Are you willing to change any of your modifiable risk factors? Why or why
not? Be specific. Remember, eating healthier doesn’t tell me much. If you
are not willing to change identify the benefits of not changing.
5. Reflect on the assignment.

6. Site your sources appropriately. You can use whatever style you are
familiar with. You must imbed the source in the paper and use “quotes” for
anything you copy directly. Even when you paraphrase, I need to know
where this information is from. A reference list at the end is not enough.
Include a bibliography.


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Family Health Tree and Reflection