Neuroplasticity discussion

Neuroplasticity discussion


To apply the concept of neuroplasticity to your own life.


Please look up the difference between structural and functional neuroplasticity and do the following:

  1. Define neuroplasticity in your own words.
  2. Define structural neuroplasticity and provide an example in your own words.
  3. Define functional neuroplasticity and provide an example in your own words.
  4. Now, think about the Ted Talk on neurplasticit (Links to an external site.)y you watched in your “Assigned readings and videos”. Please explain how the following terms from the textbook relate to the Ted Talk: neuron, axon, dendrite, neurotransmitter.
  5. WRITING ACTIVITY reflection: Embed a picture of your Writing Activity and describe the differences in your dominant and non-dominant hand-writing. Has either hand improved with each day? How is this activity related to neuroplasticity?
  6. Comment on another students writing activity. Do you see differences in their writing over time?

Requirements: Discussion | 1 pages, Double spaced

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