Movie review- Cinderella

Movie review- Cinderella

For each themed movie review, you will write a 1-page (single space, about 500 words) review based on the given guidelines. You can choose a version of a movie based on your preference. Please also note that I DO NOT grade on length. I grade on the quality of your writing, reflection and participation. The following page can also be used to help you find where you might locate a particular Disney movie: (Links to an external site.)

Themed Movie Review 1

Our first themed movie review and discussion is centered around the idea of Disney classics- the classic “Princess” movies. Please choose one movie from the following series (yes, you pick and whichever version as you like): Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, to watch and then discuss:

Please indicate which year/ version/ edition of the movie you have chosen to watch. Explain your reason for choosing this title (movie) and the specific edition. In on sentence, summarize the storyline of the movie.

Who is the main character and what is the main character’s relation with those surrounding characters? What is the main character’s gender and how is the main character’s gender features/ characteristics represented (portrayed visually)? How might the representation on gender dynamics in the movie inform or reflect the power relations in a society?

Now pick a supporting character and analyze how this supporting character’s gender is represented in the movie and what kind of power relation is demonstrated through such representation.

Is the movie based on a previously existing story/ fairytale or original? If based on a fairytale, describe the background and history of the original story in terms of its origin, author and publication information. If an original story created by Disney, check out who the author of the script/ story was and how the story was adapted into the movie.

Requirements: 500 word Singel space one page   |   .doc file

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word limit:540